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Building a Secure and Sustainable Cyberspace Ecosystem

Building a Secure and Sustainable Cyberspace Ecosystem

An Overview

(p.1) Building a Secure and Sustainable Cyberspace Ecosystem
Advances in Cyber Security
D. Frank Hsu
Fordham University Press

This chapter provides a historical and contemporary perspective on various issues pertaining to the security and sustainability of the emerging cyberspace, which is embedded with intelligent networking sensors and systems, as well as information technology appliances and services. In particular, it explores how to build a secure and sustainable cyberspace ecosystem in the combined cyber-physical-natural (CPN) world. Its three sections give an overview of the emerging interconnected complex cyberspace, review the infrastructure for the combined CPN cyberspace, and provide a list of intellectual tools for collaboration, education, and partnership in order to build and sustain a secure cyberspace ecosystem. Finally, it emphasizes the need for establishing an international consortium and a cyber security informatics framework to facilitate coordination and collaboration among cyber security professionals and practitioners from government, academia, and industry across national and international boundaries.

Keywords:   cyber security, cyberspace ecosystem, intelligent networking, information technology, cyber-physical-natural world, cyber security informatics framework

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