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Public-Private Partnerships Changing the World

Public-Private Partnerships Changing the World

(p.221) Public-Private Partnerships Changing the World
Advances in Cyber Security
Kathleen L. KiernanDyann Bradbury
Fordham University Press

This chapter focuses on InfraGard, a public-private partnership aimed at providing owners and operators of Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI/KR) the opportunity to share information about attacks, risks, vulnerabilities, mitigation, and remediation without any notional sense of seeking individual or organizational credit. Since 1996, InfraGard has expanded to eighty-six chapters across the United States. Each chapter is geographically linked with an FBI Field Office and provides all stakeholders immediate access to experts from law enforcement, industry, academic institutions, and other federal, state, and local government agencies. By utilizing the talents and expertise of the InfraGard network, information is shared to mitigate threats to the nation's critical infrastructures and key resources in a timely, efficient, and effective way.

Keywords:   InfraGard, public-private partnership, cyber security, Critical Infrastructure, Key Resources

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