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Computer Forensics from a Law Enforcement Perspective

Computer Forensics from a Law Enforcement Perspective

(p.188) Computer Forensics from a Law Enforcement Perspective
Advances in Cyber Security
Kevin Kelly
Fordham University Press

This chapter begins by discussing the incorporation of security into a business plan. It describes evidence-gathering in both public and private investigations of a cyber event, and emphasizes the fact that successful investigations depend on the employee not having an expectation of privacy in the workplace. The chapter goes on to explain the role of computer forensics in criminal investigations, including preserving evidence, finding deleted information, cracking passwords, locating fragments of a file, and automating searches. It then discusses protection from cyber adversities, arguing that is not only the government's responsibility to protect public resources, especially cyberspace resources; private enterprises and end users must also take the necessary precautions to secure their systems.

Keywords:   computer forensics, cyber security, public investigation, private investigation, employee privacy, cyer attacks

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