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Securing IT Networks Incorporating Medical Devices

Securing IT Networks Incorporating Medical Devices

Risk Management and Compliance in Health Care Cyber Security

(p.173) Securing IT Networks Incorporating Medical Devices
Advances in Cyber Security
Nicholas J. Mankovich
Fordham University Press

The increasingly digital nature of medical imaging means that medical device output represents the highest volume of digital data in the medical record. Information technology has allowed the direct and rapid connection of health data sources to those caregivers who make health care decisions. Often, this data flow requires large-scale interconnection of medical devices, hospital information systems, and IT networks within a health care system. All of this interconnection and drive to deliver “anywhere, anytime” exposes information technology systems to cyber security threats. This chapter first discusses why security is an issue in health care organizations. It then describes the ISO/IEC 80001–1:2010, which provides a risk management framework to deal with the complexity of risk to safety, effectiveness, and data and systems security.

Keywords:   cyber security, cyber attacks, medical devices, information technology networks, medical device security, risk management framework, ISO/IEC 80001–1:2010

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