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Partners in Cybercrime

Partners in Cybercrime

(p.146) Partners in Cybercrime
Advances in Cyber Security
Eileen MonsmaVincent BuskensMelvin SoudijnPaul Nieuwbeerta
Fordham University Press

This chapter looks at cyber crime by analyzing social networks used by cybercriminals. Because a social network is defined as a set of actors (usually individuals) connected by ties (usually the personal relationships between them), a cyber crime network is defined as a set of cybercriminals and their collaborative relationships. Centrality measures have been widely used to quantify the importance of individual actors in networks. The chapter shows that there is considerable variation in individual centrality in the cyber crime network. Carders, for instance, are more likely to actively contact many members, probably because they need to be involved in many ties to pursue their interests. In addition, carders are more often on the shortest path between two individuals than others, probably between data thieves and people who offer cash services. Forum members who offer services on the forum's marketplace are also popular relations, especially those who offer web and security services such as spam and so called bulletproof hosting. Moreover, the results show that a better reputation and a higher status make members more popular partners. It seems that reputation and status indeed can assist members in selecting partners.

Keywords:   cyber security, cyber crime, social networks, cybercriminals, individual centrality, carders, forum members

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