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The Evolving Consumer Online Threat Landscape

The Evolving Consumer Online Threat Landscape

Creating an Effective Response

(p.139) The Evolving Consumer Online Threat Landscape
Advances in Cyber Security
Adam Palmer
Fordham University Press

The proliferation of Internet-connected devices in the consumer market has created a dramatic shift from a single point PC-based threat risk to an expanded threat perimeter that includes tablet devices, smartphones, and Internet-connected televisions. Consumer home network growth now requires security for a consumer's entire digital lifestyle and not just a single-point stationary device. The difficulty of securing this expanded threat landscape is exacerbated by the rise of unique attacks that sometimes render traditional antivirus strategies ineffective. This chapter discusses solutions to the expanding cyber threat landscape, including improved reputation-based threat detection, effective public-private collaboration, and increased user responsibility within the digital ecosystem.

Keywords:   cyber security, Internet, consumer home network, cyber threats, threat detection, public-private collaboration, user responsibility

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