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Authoritative Data Sources

Authoritative Data Sources

Cyber Security Intelligence Perspectives

(p.121) Authoritative Data Sources
Advances in Cyber Security
Kuan-Tsae HuangHwai-Jan Wu
Fordham University Press

The United States currently faces a multifaceted, technologically based vulnerability. Its information systems are being exploited on an unprecedented scale by state and non-state actors, resulting in a dangerous combination of known and unknown vulnerabilities, strong adversary capabilities, and weak situational awareness. Many cyber security issues can be attributed to the lack of systematic management of authoritative data sources (ADS). This chapter presents the concepts and applications of ADS, authoritative data elements, and trusted data sources to enable rapid business processes. It discusses trusted intelligent decision making in network-centric business environments. It describes a methodology to standardize the ADS processes by which we manage, use, and secure ADS and implement various applications to provide cyber security.

Keywords:   cyber security, authoritative data sources, authoritative data elements, trusted data sources

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