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Improve Availability of Networks

Improve Availability of Networks

Internet Exchange Points and Their Role in Cyberspace

(p.90) Improve Availability of Networks
Advances in Cyber Security
Akio Sugeno
Fordham University Press

The Internet could not exist without Internet exchange points (IXPs). IXPs provide the mechanisms (physical connections in a data center or carrier hotel) that enable Internet service providers (ISPs) to exchange traffic easily and cost effectively. The concept of IXPs was developed in the early 1990s, and IXPs have continued to grow in quantity, location, and size (traffic volume) as the Internet has grown. This chapter provides an overview of IXPs along with their roles in the Internet. The first part identifies the architecture of the Internet. The second deals with the concept of peering (a prerequisite for IXPs). The third and final part discusses IXPs in greater detail. The chapter concludes with a list of organizations which support and contribute to the Internet.

Keywords:   Internet, cyber security, Internet exchange points, IXP, Internet service providers, ISP, network traffic, peering

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