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Practical Vulnerabilities of the Tor Anonymity Network

Practical Vulnerabilities of the Tor Anonymity Network

(p.60) Practical Vulnerabilities of the Tor Anonymity Network
Advances in Cyber Security
Paul Syverson
Fordham University Press

Onion routing is a technology designed at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to protect the security and privacy of network communications. In particular, Tor, the current widely used onion routing system, was originally designed to protect intelligence gathering from open sources and to otherwise protect military communications over insecure or public networks, but it is also used by human rights workers, law enforcement officers, abuse victims, ordinary citizens, corporations, journalists, and others. Because Tor is used at such a high level for law enforcement and national security applications, it faces more significant adversaries than most other uses. This chapter discusses some of the types of threats against which Tor currently offers only limited protection and the impacts of these on all classes of users, but especially on those most likely to confront them.

Keywords:   onion routing system, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Tor, intelligence gathering systems, law enforcement, national security, cyber security

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