Advances in Cyber SecurityTechnology, Operations, and Experiences

Advances in Cyber SecurityTechnology, Operations, and Experiences

D. Frank Hsu and Dorothy Marinucci

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780823244560

Publisher: Fordham University Press


In this book, the world's foremost cyber security experts share critical practical knowledge on how the cyberspace ecosystem is structured, how it functions, and what we can do to protect it and ourselves from attack and exploitation. It collects the wisdom of cyber security professionals and practitioners from government, academia, and industry across national and international boundaries. It provides readers with the information they need to secure and sustain the cyberspace ecosystem and to defend themselves against all kinds of adversaries and attacks. It provides critical intelligence on cyber crime and security—including details of real-life operations. Among the many important topics it covers are: building a secure cyberspace ecosystem; public-private partnerships to secure cyberspace; law enforcement to protect cyber citizens and to safeguard cyber infrastructure; and strategy and policy issues relating to the security of the cyberecosystem.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Part I: Technology

Defending Software Systems against Cyber Attacks throughout Their Lifecycle

Hira Agrawal, Thomas F. Bowen, and Sanjai Narain

Part II: Operations


Andrew Lewman

Authoritative Data Sources

Kuan-Tsae Huang and Hwai-Jan Wu

Partners in Cybercrime

Eileen Monsma, Vincent Buskens, Melvin Soudijn, and Paul Nieuwbeerta

Part III: Experiences

Part IV: Partnership, Policy, and Sustainability

Public-Private Partnerships Changing the World

Kathleen L. Kiernan and Dyann Bradbury

Cyber Security

Preet Bharara

Cyber Security

Robert S. Mueller III

Cyber Security

Howard A. Schmidt

End Matter