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In the Midst of the World

In the Midst of the World

(p.22) 2 In the Midst of the World
Jean-Luc Nancy
Fordham University Press

This chapter examines Christianity in relation to adoration. It suggests that Christianity has desacralized, demythologized, and secularized itself in such a constant and irreversible way for at least six centuries that Christendom can be said to have entered into deconstruction and dis-enclosure from the very first moment of its existence. This chapter also argues that, in comparison with Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, only Christianity emerged as itself as the “West,” and it alone diluted its confessional features and disintegrated its religious force in this West, for better or for worse.

Keywords:   Christianity, adoration, Christendom, dis-enclosure, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, West

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